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Is Lufkin ShockForce the Greatest Tape Measure Ever?

Move over Stanley, Milwaukee, FatMax, Dewalt, STUD, Klein, Johnson, Empire, Tajima, Komelon and everyone else the Lufkin name is back on top! We’ll at least that’s what the Crescent Lufkin guys are saying with the launch of the new Shockforce 25’ L1125 ($28) that’ll be hitting shelves this month. Is this the greatest tape measure ever created, actually it might be.

Crescent Tape Measure (more…)

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Milwaukee Free 11-N-1 Screwdriver with any Tape or Knife Purchase

11-N-1 Screwdriver

We have been very impressed by the new Milwaukee Fastbacks and Heavy Duty Tape Measures however it is also understandable when a new product is launched there might be some reluctance to trash your old tools to trade up. Ohio Power Tool has hopefully come up with a pretty nice program to help you make the switch. They are providing a FREE 11-N-1 Screwdriver 48-22-2113 ($10) with every Milwaukee Knife or Milwaukee Tape Measure that sells in month of February.  (more…)

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Return of the Milwaukee Tool Magnetic Tape Measure

Milwaukee Tape Measure

Some years ago Milwaukee Tool sold tape measures and they were awesome! The tip had a magnetic end, the units were rugged but still compact and the people loved them. Of course Milwaukee probably didn’t make them themselves as they were not into hand tools or measuring at the time. So for whatever reason those wonderful tape measures were discontinued and the people were sad. (more…)

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