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Skilsaw 12” WormDrive Slide Miter Saw SPT88-01

Skilsaw 12" wormdrive miter
For years we’ve battled bulky motors sticking out of the side of the miter saw and though why can’t they figure out how to get this thing out of the way completely. It just takes a Worm Drive and BOOM the motors way back there, which potentially more torque. The STAFDA launch was just a sneak preview this thing isn’t going to hit the shelves until April 2019 with a $579 price tag which makes it right up there with other premium miter saw options. It is very light for a 12″ at only 51 lbs and has all the bells & whistles you’d expect for that price. Check out SkilSaw on Ohio Power Tool, Pre-Sale options for the SPT88-01 will be available soon!


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Milwaukee Carbide Circular Saw Blades Reboot

Milwaukee Circular Saw Blades

As we speak Milwaukee is shipping their new line up of Carbide Circular Saw Blades for wood-cutting and fiber cement with polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tips which covers just about any size and application for construction. From 5-3/8” to 12” with basic rip blades to 100 teeth finish blades, they got all the bases covered. This is a very logical step for Milwaukee with what must be hundreds of thousands of circular saws, miter saws and hopefully someday they’ll have a table saw as well, all those saws need blades. It doesn’t make any sense for them not to have a premium blade lineup.


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ToolBoxBuzz 10” Sliding Miter Saw Head to Head with 7 Top Brands

10" Slide Miter Saw Showdown

We know the guys at ToolBoxBuzz have been hard at work on this 10” Sliding Miter Saw compareo with 7 of the most popular brands. We think it turned out very nicely. As an avid reader of any and all comparison tests, especially in the tool category, we always hope to come away with a better understanding of the differences in the various products but hopefully learn more about the options in the market in general. Very well done, but don’t take our word for it check out their video below then head over to their site for the full review.

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Bosch Compact 8.5” Slide Miter Saw CM8S Review

Bosch Miter CM8S

When it comes to precision cutting on the jobsite a miter saw is an essential tool but the trade-off is it is often one of the most bulky tools to lug around. Of course you want the saw as close to the work as possible but for a remodeler, dragging a large collapsible saw cart up narrow staircases or through finished areas might not be possible. The new Bosch Miter Saw CM8S ($469) may be an ideal option for professional quality cutting with lightweight portability.


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DeWalt Universal Fit Miter Saw Stand DWX726


There are plenty of miter saw stands out there and if you are looking for a new saw it’s easy to match it up. If you already have a good miter saw however how do you make sure it’s going to fit a new stand. What about if you want to put a different machine on the stand, say a planer or router table? The DeWalt Miter Saw Stand DWX726 solves these problems by allowing for complete customized positioning both on the X & Y axis with 6 positioning spots to bolt down.


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DEWALT 12” Slide Miter DWS780 vs Bosch Glide Miter GCM12SD

Last week we did a hands-on with the new DEWALT 12” slide miter saw DWS780 ($599) and the whole time we were thinking how does this compare with the new Bosch 12” Glide Saw GCM12SD (previous post)? Apparently this was not an uncommon though as we received several more questions after posting some images on the twitter feed @coptool.


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