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Klein Tools | Drivers, Strippers & More

Klein Tools was productive, launching four new products recently.  Expanding upon the concept of multi-bit screwdrivers, Klein has come up with the 7-in-1 Nut Driver.  Utilizing spring coils and rare earth magnets, this tool makes changing nuts and bolts a synch. Their Electricians multi-tool features a small knife, Philips and flat-head screwdrivers, and a wire stripper.  Not sure how useful a splinter remover is, but it stores neatly in the aluminum handle.  (more…)

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Bosch Starlock Oscillating Multi-Tools

GUEST POST – Dwain is one of the experts behind oztooltalk, from Australia . You can find more of their video tool reviews on their Youtube Channel.  

Most Coptool readers would know that Bosch and FEIN worked together to create Starlock, an innovative system for attaching oscillating multi-tool (OMT) blades and bits. Currently only Bosch and FEIN tools employ the the Starlock system, though it will undoubtedly start appearing on other brands in the near future.

Tool-less bit changes have already been increasing the flexibility of OMTs for a few years, making tradespeople more likely to use them for multiple tasks (like sanding). But apart from making the blade change even faster, Starlock makes a huge difference because users don’t have to handle the blades. Why is this this useful? Because OMT blades get hot! It’s quite common for users to want to rotate a blade several times, but the hot blades are painful to handle.

Coptool discussed the Starlock system was a while back – (previous coptool post). The new OMTs come in two variations, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax. A summary of the blade compatibility is listed below:


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The Next Brushless Tool from Bosch is the MXH180 Multi-Tool


With all of the buzz that has been generated by the Milwaukee FUEL lineup over the past couple of months I can’t really say that I am surprised by the fact that Bosch is starting to get into the brushless tool market in their own way. We have already seen Bosch first venture into the brushless tool world with the RHH181 cordless rotary hammer (and I got to fiddle around with it a little bit) and I, for one, have been anxiously waiting to see what the next brushless tool from the Bosch CORE line would be. I half expected Bosch to go about it in the same way Milwaukee did and release a larger roll-out of cordless brushless tools like impact drivers and hammer drills. This is apparently not the direction that Bosch is headed. The next brushless tool in the Bosch 18V lineup is the MXH180 Oscillating Tool. (more…)

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Porter Cable 2.5amp Oscillating Multi-Tool PC250MTK Review


Being one of the last to the oscillating tool party has had its advantages for Porter Cable and their new PC250MTK ($104, Amazon) Multi-Tool. To start with they bumped up the horse power to a larger 2.5 amp motor and added a 10’ corded for better worksite maneuverability. The feel of the unit also seems a little more thought out and comfortable, like they laid out all the competitors and said how can we do this better. Check out this detailed Video from WoodCraft blog:


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Is Bosch Getting Serious About Oscillating Tools?

We recently mentioned Bosch is working to create a standardized Oscillating Interface System (OIS) for the Tool Accessories but didn’t mention anything about new tools to use the system. Currently the Multi-X PS50-2B ($197, Ohio Power Tool) is the only oscillating tool Bosch offers in the category.  While a great tool, it is a 12V cordless with a battery runtime that seriously limits the performance. A professional corded tool that can compete with the Fein Multi-Master is really what it’s going to take to get any serious consideration from the pros who use these tools on a daily basis.

In Europe, Bosch is now introducing the GOP250CE Professional (see press release) Multi-Cutter tool which hopefully will be the answer many are looking for to compete with the Fein. The price is 139 euro which if such a tool would come to the state might mean $150-200 here, far less than the Fein Multi-Masters.

The bad news is however we have no idea if or when such a tool might find its way to this side of the pond. In some cases we do get tools rather quickly but in other cases it takes years.     

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Bosch OIS Universal Oscillating Tool Accessories & Adaptor

The biggest problem with multi-tools today is that hardly any of the oscillating accessories are interchangeable with one another. This can be a real problem because while we would love to believe all purchases can be made online, often when you get to that weekend project and realize your blades are so dull they couldn’t cut butter it’s off to the depot store. In many cases that means very limited selection on oscillating tool blades and sanding accessories and most likely ones that are not going to work with your tool.
Bosch is now establishing the universal system of Oscillating Interface System (OIS) which features 12 points of contact, the most of any system. The Bosch guys are hoping this will become as universal as the “SDS” system which they made popular and is now the standard. It is very positive to see Milwaukee adopt the OIS system for their new Milwaukee M12 Multi-Tool coming later this year. We never would have guessed Bosch and Milwaukee would be working together on anything. If other professional brands that still don’t have oscillating tools were to follow suit it is likely this will be the case. We will see where DeWalt, Makita, Metabo and others all fall when they inevitable come out with their own multi-tools.


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