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Next Generation of Milwaukee M18 FUEL Nailers

Milwaukee has completely outdone themselves at NPS 2019. There is just a laundry list of teasers with items coming out from now into 2020.  We are going to kick off our coverage with some long-awaited nail gun announcements, Pre-sale going on NOW at Ohio Power Tool.


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Porter Cable 23ga Nailer PIN138 & Compressor C2004 – Review

In the interest of full disclosure this is the first time we really have spend any significant amount of time with a pin nailer. Previously we had thought of an 18ga brad nailer more as the go to finishing tool for molding, trims and regular finishing. The pin nailer, in our head, seemed more for decorative accents or craft projects.

After some research and using the Porter Cable PIN138 ($136, Amazon) a couple of times we are starting to feel pretty stupid for that kind of thinking. Similar to how we felt the first few times we used an impact driver instead of a traditional drill several years back. Now we are curious just what all this little pinner is capable of, in chatting with some folks in different construction forums they were discussing techniques of using liquid nail and pins (more to secure while the adhesive dries) to install crown molding. That seems pretty optimistic but they are having success with it and no need to go back and fill holes.


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