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SouthWire EdgeForce D2 Steel Knives

The various knives shown above are part of the new EdgeForce knife series courtesy of Southwire. While each individual model has their own personality and function, they all share the same features. These features include an inner liner lock, metal handles with rubber grip, reversible belt clip, and dual thumb openers. These knives also come equipped with D2 steel, along with stonewash black oxide coating. This allows the knives to hold their edge longer than other models. All knives come with a lifetime warranty. (more…)

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Milwaukee Fastback Family of Pocket Knives

Fastback Pocket Knife

We had an opportunity to see all the new Milwaukee Fastback Knives at the media event earlier this summer which was really a delightful surprise to us. These knives will be hitting the shelves in the next few weeks and we were lucky enough to have received an early sample of the Fastback Smooth Blade 48-22-1990 ($17, Ohio Power Tool) pocket knife for testing. We have used as our daily carry for the last several weeks and overall we continue to be delightfully surprised. (more…)

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