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Makita 18V Outdoor Power Equipment – 4 Battery Deals

Every tradesman is always in the market for new batteries and new power tools to use with them. Makita knows this and is currently running a promotion where you don’t just get two batteries, but an additional TWO FREE batteries ($219 value) for a total of 4 with these three select OPE kits. So now is the perfect time to not only bolster your tool arsenal, but to keep those tools running with the 4 additional power sources. You can thank them later. (more…)

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Week In Review Ep. 136 | New Ridgid Octane, Stihl Blows Our Mind, & A Bosch Giveaway!

Join us every weekend for everything you should be paying attention to in the world of Power Tools! Sponsored by Ohio Power Tool(more…)

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Tool Prices on Rise with Tariffs, 25% More Coming

Tool Tariffs

*** We are not trying to be political here and we are not economists, life your life, vote for who you want, but there will be some price increases coming to pretty much all tools and accessories in the very near future so wanted to give everyone a heads up!!! How high will prices go?? How long will they stay?? Here’s what we know:  

With the first two rounds of Tariffs totaling about $50 Billion we’ve already seen a lot of sporadic price increases from 3%-10% on many products. Not all in the way you’d expect, domestically made fasteners for instance have jumped dramatically while import fasteners have remained somewhat flat. Cordless Tools for the most part have not been hit with tariffs yet however some components such as laser diodes have seen jumps as much as 20%+. In the recent Industrial Distribution article it would seem the next round of $200 Billion in Tariffs is about to hit (January 2019) which will certainly cover a lot more power tools, hand tools and fasteners hitting those products pretty hard. As we saw with some of the first rounds of tariffs these price increases could go into affect before the Tariffs actually hit, so if you’re think this is just a bargaining strategy it might not actually matter.


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Milwaukee M18 Cordless 3/8” Right Angle Drill Driver 2615-21

This new tool will be available shortly on the Milwaukee M18 page of Ohio Power Tool. Check out the video and official press release below. We will update again when we get our hands on one but looks like a nice addition to the line.



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Makita Power Tools at World of Concrete 2011


We have previously mentioned some of the new products from Bosch & DeWalt at the World of Concrete 2011 but we certainly have not forgotten about Makita Power Tools who showed up with an impressive outdoor set up and several new products. Not to mention all the Rockstar, Motocross, Makita Girl flair we have come to expect. Also check out this photo album from the Matika outdoor booth from World of Concrete 2011.  

"Makita offers a full range of solutions to the concrete pro, including rotary and demolition hammers, grinding and surfacing solutions, concrete power cutters, accessories, diamond blades, and more," said Wayne Hart, Communications Manager, Makita USA.  "Makita power tools deliver industrial strength performance with less vibration in a more compact size, and are engineered to beat up the concrete, not the end user.  World of Concrete is a great opportunity to present our latest best-in-class tools and let contractors feel the difference for themselves." 


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Rockwell BladeRunner RK7321 Full Review & Tool Cabinet Build


A few weeks ago we did a quick post on the new Rockwell BladeRunner ($179, Amazon), from our limited exposure at the STAFDA tradeshow (see here). Since that time we were lucky enough to get one to test out and provide some feedback. Additionally we got to test some of the accessories available and at the end of the day this tool along with several other Bosch Power Tools would end up in the well deserving hands of TheMetroSchool.org.


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Chicago Pneumatic Portable Handheld Hydraulic Tools

It is a little confusing that a tool company with “Pneumatic” in their name would be in the Hydraulic Tool business. However, since the company is a part of Atlas Copco, one of the top names in Hydraulics worldwide and because these CP Hydraulic Tools are basically the red version of those Atlas tools we are very confident these tools will live up to the Chicago Pneumatic Construction name.

Hydraulic vs Pneumatic vs Electric
There are many reasons to consider the Hydraulic Tools over pneumatic or electric including: provide the most power and torque, fluid cannot compress like air, the tools will not freeze at low temperatures, hydraulic tools can work underwater, ATEX approved for dangerous environment (in many cases), life span of the tool is very long, low maintenance as the parts are continuously lubricated and the tools are quieter than other options. The reason you don’t see more hydraulic tools on the jobsite today is basically because of the higher initial start up costs for a complete system.


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Lincoln Lube & Mityvac Gift Card Promotion

If you are shopping for some new Lincoln Lube or Mityvac tools it’s that time of the year again for the gift card promotion. Mail-in this Rebate Form with any amount of the selected items and get up to $250 in gift cards. This year some of the gift card options have changed to include Home Depot, Bass Pro Shops, Target, Best Buy, Applebee’s & Starbuck’s. Also some of the products included in the promotion have changed, the new & very popular PowerLuber 1844 ($276, Ohio Power Tool) is included. The promotion runs until June 30th 2010 so there is still plenty of time to get your orders in.  


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Happy April Fools Days

Here are a couple April Tools Day Jokes from ToolGuyd, Thanks for doing your homework, so I can lean over your shoulder and copy the answers.


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Still Time to Ship That Christmas Gift? UPS Chart

If you are in the Midwest or on the East Coast you can place an order this weekend on OhioPowerTool.com and it will ship on Monday, as long as the item is still in-stock. If you are outside the area or reading this later my personal advice is always to spend a little more on the actual gift and have it come a late. Sure if you are buying for a 6 year old that’s not going to work but for grownup children getting power tools spend the money on some extra goodies.     


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