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The 2019 RIDGID Spring Promotion Is Here!

Following the launch of the all new HDR Reels equipped with TruSense, the RIDGID Spring Promotion is back with a whole bunch of free rebates! Ohio Power Tool has everything you need to take advantage of this promotion. You can view all eligible RIDGID rebate products (here) or download the rebate form/information (here(more…)

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RIDGID SR-24 Line Locator with Bluetooth & GPS 44473

Ridgid SR-24

Technology is rapidly improving the way we do almost everything and utility line location is no exception. The new Ridgid SR-24 ($2634) will be launching shortly and features many of the features of the SR-20 ($2295) however the new unit will be able to sync with Ridgidtrax app (free) on your phone to plot the exact location. While we have downloaded the app we have not seen it in action because without the SR-24 it doesn’t do much good. More information will be coming shortly and of course you can order it from Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 as soon as it becomes available. Some additional stats on the SR-24 from Ridgid below: (more…)

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