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Ridgid SeeSnake Drain Cleaner is here, FlexShaft

Since the Ridgid SeeSnake was invented there has been the desire when you find a blockage, you use that pricey piece of equipment to just nudge it loose, right? The camera head is already there, why not just jab it a few times, if that doesn’t work, maybe just really give it some good hard pokes… oh no the camera went dark… It’s true and it’s happened many, many times before. Typically most only make that mistake once, then have much more respect for their camera as strictly a diagnostic machine. That all changes today, with the addition of Ridgid’s new FlexShaft!


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Ridgid SeeSnake Cameras with TruSense HDR

Ridgid SeeSnake TruSense

The industry standard for inspection cameras are without question the Ridgid SeeSnake Cameras, day in day out these cameras perform in some very nasty situations. For all intensive purposes these have remained a fairly consistent design since they were black & white. These new models with TruSense HDR imaging and TiltSense features are in addition to existing model options but only about $150 upcharge over the Self-Leveling options so will likely replace them when they catch on, Compact 200’ is 63628 ($6381), Standard 200’ 63603 ($7484) and extended length 325’ 63583 ($8296). So what is the big difference?


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Ridgid, Plumbing Tools You Can Trust

Spring is moving in fast and Rigid Tools is ready to kick off the season with their “2018 Spring Promo” mail-in rebate. We understand mail-in rebates could sometimes be a pain. This one is worth it. Inspection, SeeSnakes, Thermal, Locating, Drain Cleaning, Jetters and Pressing items are all included with this promotion. We’ve attached the promotional PDF to provide more details. View PDF promotional details

Ridgid Spring Promo rebate

We now have another reason to purchase a Ridgid Tool. Let’s dive into why Ridgid Tool has become such a trusted brand among professional. (more…)

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New Ridgid SeeSnake CS12X Is Here!

Work smarter, not harder on the job site with the new RIDGID SeeSnake CS12x Digital Recording Monitor 57278 ($3,950). It delivers a large screen for easy viewing, dual battery functionality for maximum runtime and Wi-Fi connectivity for simple footage sharing.

This latest generation digital recording monitor streams and records inspections to any iOS or Android mobile or tablet device with the free HQx Live companion app. The app can be downloaded through the iOS App Store and Google Play for immediate sharing of inspection footage. The CS12x also allows saving images to a USB drive for simple post-inspection transfer to clients and team members.


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Ridgid SeeSnake Monitor CS65 Full Keyboard & 1 Terabyte Hard Drive

Ridgid CS65

Some time ago the good folks at Ridgid launched a brand new 200’ SeeSnake reel RM200 ($6217) which promised to create an all in 1 portable cordless system for doing pipe inspections. Unfortunately at the time they did not launch it with any monitors that could be mounted on board so the initial response was a little weak. More recently the CS6 ($1951) monitor came out which bolted right on the top and powered everything with the onboard 18V battery and all was good. There were however still a goofy looking pair of tabs on top (see below) which served no purpose until now. With the launch of the Ridgid SeeSnake CS65 Monitor ($3906) that includes a full QWERTY keyboard and 1 TB internal hard drive these tab serve to lock the monitor in place for easy transportation.

Ridgid Monitor CS65 (more…)

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Ridgid SeeSnake CS6 Monitor with rM200 Video Inspection System

Ridgid CS6

About a year ago the folks at Ridgid launched a new SeeSnake camera reel called the SeeSnake Max rM200 42348 ($6155, Ohio Power Tool) which had a brand new design, more compact, standard self-leveling, easier to transport, easier to maintain, and promised to have an all-in-one battery operated system… someday. Well it looks like someday is here with the new SeeSnake CS6 Digital Monitor 45138 ($1932, Ohio Power Tool) that will now attach to the rM200 and power the full system off the new Ridgid 4.0Ah batteries. (more…)

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Ridgid Deal for Free CA-300 Camera with microREEL & microDRAIN

Ridgid SeeSnake CA-300

There is little question that the Ridgid SeeSnake Inspection Cameras are the leaders in the plumbing inspection industry, and  they continue to retain that status by launching several innovative new products in recent years. The new microDRAIN and microREEL systems not only make these inspections much easier because of their compact/cordless nature but also are far less expensive giving a whole new range of professional access to these diagnostic tools. Here are some pretty aggressive deals worth looking into if you are currently sitting on the fence.

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Ridgid SeeSnake Max rM200 Inspection Camera System 200’


The Ridgid line of microREELs, microDRAINs and nanoREELS have become very popular inspection camera systems. These systems are more compact and very easy to take onto any job or into someone’s house. These systems are so portable and compact because the monitor, battery and recording system all based off of the CA-300 ($417, Ohio Power Tool) handheld inspection camera.

The SeeSnake Max 200’ camera shares many of the features of these other new systems including the removable drum, next generation push cable and improved reel mechanics. The new SeeSnake Max reel is available in 2 options 42338 ($5737, Ohio Power Tool) base unit and the 42348 ($6155, Ohio Power Tool) which includes the transportation kit. This seems like a pretty pricy upgrade for just the handle and some wheels however check out the complete unit in this photo album and you will see it also includes a top piece with some funky connectors. This will most likely be home to some kind of new monitor system that will run off the 18v battery system, as the CA-300 isn’t going to have the juice to run this. Also the handle locks into position to angle the reel, this gives full access to the controls and creates a very solid footing of the reel even when the camera is fully deployed (again see photo album).


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Ridgid Plumbing Spring Fling 2012 Promotion is Here

The Ridgid brand of professional plumbing equipment is the clear industry leader with some of the most well built and innovative products available. Unfortunately this also means they do not run many promotions for their products with the exception of the once per year Spring Fling promotion where you can pick up a few extras with your purchase. The promo is a mail-in rebate and can include additional cables with Drain Cleaners, a free year to RidgidConnect or a NaviTrack Transmitter (valued at $915) with full SeeSnake Camera System.


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Recording Video to Laptop with a Ridgid SeeSnake Micro

We are now on the third generation of the Ridgid SeeSnake Micro ($224, Ohio Power Tool) and one question remains very prevalent for all 3 generations; “can I record video onto my laptop”. Yes, you can however first you should probably ask yourself how often you will need to be capturing video. If you plan to capture video every time you use the camera it would definitely be advantageous to use one of the handheld recording devices with a built in SD card like the Ridgid Micro Explorer ($697, Ohio Power Tool) that you can simply transfer over later. If you think it might just be every once in a while the SeeSnake Micro may work very well for you.


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