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Week In Review Ep. 134 | New Skil tools, Drill Bits Tested, and a Milwaukee giveaway!

Join us every weekend for everything you should be paying attention to in the world of Power Tools! Sponsored by Ohio Power Tool – watch to the very end to see what’s our GIVEAWAY this week, and how to enter!  (more…)

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Skilsaw Recip Saw SPT44A with BUZZKILL Technology


We have been very impressed with the new SKILSAW professional brand and their departure from the cheaper Skil Tools we were seeing in the market. They have really been creative in utilizing the tried and true Wormdrive motor to expand to high quality metal saws, table saws, larger circular saws and a handful of other nice circular saws all paired with high quality Diablo Blades. This new reciprocating aka “BUZZKILL” saw SPT44A ($99) is their first branch away from a circular saw platform but we are guessing this is the first of many under their new leadership.


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Skilsaw SouthPaw Circular Saw, Ned Flanders Approved!!

Skilsaw Sidewinder Southpaw

The US population is made up of by roughly 13% left-handers but blade left saws are not exclusively just for them. Skilsaw was made popular because of the incredibly tough and powerful worm-drive saws which are all predominantly blade left designs. Many righties love the Worm-drive design as well, personally I am a lefty and do prefer the left handed saw configuration. The new Skilsaw Sidewinder Southpaw SPT67M8 ($129) is an all magnesium 15amp direct drive circular saw with all the premium features you’d expect from a high end corded circular saw.


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Skil iXO Vivo 2354-10 Wine Opener Giveaway

It is that time of year again when we are reminded that it is better to give than receive, so CopTool is giving one lucky person their very own Skil iXO Vivo power screwdriver with wine opening attachments 2354-10 ($48, Amazon). You can click this link to take you to the entry form for the contest (you will have to “like” Coptool.com on Facebook to enter) and fill out the form for your chance to win. You can also find the contest at the “Sweepstakes” tab on the www.Coptool.com Facebook In my totally unbiased opinion the CopTool.com Facebook posts some pretty entertaining stuff, so they are worth a like anyway and the opportunity to win something is just icing on the cake.


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