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GearWrench Bolt Biter Extractor Impact Socket Sets

Bolt Biter Sockets

Finally, GearWrench was running around SEMA, STAFDA and other trade shows last year demoing these Bolt Biter Sockets but were not available in stores until just recently! They are here now as a Bolt Biter 8 Piece Set 84782, 15 Piece Set 84783 or a full 28 Piece Set 84784 which all sets include ¼” and 3/8” sockets, see the difference between the sets below. We’ve been very impressed by the functionality and versatility of these new Bolt Biters!


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Grey Pneumatic Duo Socket Sets for Impacts & Ratchets

Many of us have multiple socket sets, perhaps even full drawers of them, SAE or Metric, 6 point or 12 point, standard of deep, chrome or impacts, all with various drive sizes ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, etc. Over the years we’ve seen lots of All-in-One solutions for sockets but we would not consider many of them for professionals. The Grey Pneumatic Duo Sockets would be one exception there, impact rated sockets with thin wall design that allow them to perform exceptionally well as a hand ratchet set. Could you really have just one sockets set? (more…)

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Milwaukee Tool 3/8” Socket Sets SAE & Metric

Milwauke 3/8 Socket Set

As Milwaukee Tool continues to expand upon their Hand Tool arsenal Chrome Socket Sets does seem like the next logical step. While these sockets sets are traditionally considered “mechanics tools” every electrician, plumber, HVAC, service tech and the list goes on, has a socket set in their bag or truck. Milwaukee’s new Contractor ratchet and socket sets, both SAE 48-22-9000 & Metric 48-22-9001 are designed for this market. The sets use a 3/8” ratchet with a pivoting head ideal for tight spaces and eight common deep sockets with some additional extensions/adapters. Priced at $69 each and should be here in April!   (more…)

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Ingersoll Rand to Add 50% Impact Torque with PowerSockets

IR PowerSocket

This is a very interesting new socket concept from Ingersoll Rand which we can’t honestly say we fully understand how it generates so much additional torque, then again we didn’t do so hot in physics class. For launch the IR PowerSocket is only going to be available in 19mm size for crank shafts, lug nut removal and other applications. With this socket a standard 1/2″ impact can perform pretty close to a 3/4″ impact more than justifying the $66 price point of the S64M19L-PS. We would imagine if this is a success we will see various other size PowerSockets to follow.


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2135Ti – Special Edition 75th Anniversary Impact Tool

To celebrate Ingersoll Rand’s 75th anniversary in 2009 they will launch several special edition tools in limited quantities. The first of these tools is the 2135TiMax which receives new graphics and a custom handle. The tool also comes with a FREE 75th anniversary metal clip-on pocket knife, display and 5 piece socket set (1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8"). Even if you are not going to display the tool for all to see, it’s still the best ½” with extra free goodies.

You will currently find some other great Ingersoll Rand deals at Ohio Power Tool including a FREE SK6H8L (currently $92.98) socket set with the 2141 ¾” air impact. Also the IQv cordless W360-LSP, ½” impact, has been replaced by the W360-KL1P (same tool & includes a hard case) but for a limited time also includes a FREE second battery! Also the IR Cash Stimulus Deal is still in effect until the end of April and is good for up to 15% cash back on the most popular air tools from Ingersoll Rand.



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