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Milwaukee is Standing Out Like a STUD

When we say Milwaukee is standing out, we mean it both figuratively and literally. Not only have they taken the tool world by storm at their 2019 NPS to stand apart from their competitors, but they announced an innovative line of tape measures with record-breaking standout. Tapes with a solution for every user, and their STUD measures now deliver best-in-class standout at 14′.


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Empire Digital Levels Now with Freakin Laser Beams

We got this interest video from our friends at ToolSelect.com testing out the new Empire Digital Level e100.48 ($159, Ohio Power Tool). Not only is it a high quality digital level it also has lasers to extend the measurement much farther than the 48” of the laser itself, nice video as well. Ohio Power Tool stocks a wide range of Empire Levels; if you have any questions give the pros a call 800-242-4424.


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Johnson Levels Adds 18 New Measurement Tools

Recently we received one of Johnson’s 48" Magnetic BIG J Heavy Duty Aluminum Level 1501-4800 for review and our initial impressions were very positive. The construction is solid and very nice design with large viewing bubbles, rubberized end caps and even the comfortable center grips. The magnet along the side is a very nice feature, personally had never used a magnetic 48” level it’s like having 3 hands, I’ve seen the light. That being said we handed it off to one of our favorite contractor and long time Ohio Power Tool customer with a mission to try and break it. We will report back soon, in the meantime Johnson Levels has some other cool products like free Android Apps (Leveling Bubble & Visual Level) and just announced today a full line of measuring tapes and long tapes, check out the full press release below.  


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