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Milwaukee is Standing Out Like a STUD

When we say Milwaukee is standing out, we mean it both figuratively and literally. Not only have they taken the tool world by storm at their 2019 NPS to stand apart from their competitors, but they announced an innovative line of tape measures with record-breaking standout. Tapes with a solution for every user, and their STUD measures now deliver best-in-class standout at 14′.


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Is Lufkin ShockForce the Greatest Tape Measure Ever?

Move over Stanley, Milwaukee, FatMax, Dewalt, STUD, Klein, Johnson, Empire, Tajima, Komelon and everyone else the Lufkin name is back on top! We’ll at least that’s what the Crescent Lufkin guys are saying with the launch of the new Shockforce 25’ L1125 ($28) that’ll be hitting shelves this month. Is this the greatest tape measure ever created, actually it might be.

Crescent Tape Measure (more…)

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Stud Squared Tape Measure 1812-0025 by Johnson Level


This is a pretty interesting new take on a tape measure from Johnson Level that incorporates many of the basic features of a speed square into the tape measure itself. The Stud Squared 1812-0025 (coming soon) measures just like any other tape however the measurement of the tape itself is unique, exactly 1 stud width (1.5”) by 2 stud widths (3”). It also has a lip on each side and strait edges to mark your work surface once it has been measured. The only drawback we found was for those use to carrying their tape on a clip unfortunately this design leaves no room for a clip.


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