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Milwaukee and Empire are Leveling the Playing Field

Empire celebrated their 100-year anniversary at the 2019 Milwaukee NPS. Empire is continuing their tradition of creating, innovating, and revolutionizing practical tool solutions focused on leveling and layout applications with two new products being revealed at the event. And Milwaukee has followed suit with two new levels of their own.


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Milwaukee RedStick vs Stabila Levels

New Milwaukee Redstick

It was not been a secret that with Milwaukee’s acquisition on Empire Levels as well as another measuring tape manufacturer they had their eyes focused heavily on building a full range of measuring hand tools. With Empire already covering economic to mid-high range levels, squares, caution tapes, utility detectable tapes, measuring tapes, bobs, calipers, etc the only direction to go was up. Stabila has held the market for high end, extremely accurate levels for many years in US and Milwaukee has not been shy where the Milwaukee RedStick Torpedo & Box Levels will compete in the market (they even put it on their packaging).

Milwaukee Redstick Levels

What Makes the REDSTICK Box Levels Better


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Johnson’s Magnetic Torpedo Level for Welding 1404-1000

We have been pretty impressed with the depth and innovation of the new levels coming from Johnson Level & Tool. The Glow-View is one such innovative feature which lights up the bubbles (no batteries required) on several of their new units. Most recently they launched a new 10” Welder’s Level, which is able to handle the high temperatures associated with welding work surfaces thanks the all cast aluminum frame and three v-groove magnets. This unit however does not incorporate the Glow-View feature, our assumption being the glow material may melt under high heat, but it does feature their SurrondView technology for maximizing reflective light in dim work areas. Check out the 1404-1000 Welder’s Torpedo Level if you are in the market for a really tough level. Read the full Johnson Press Release below.     


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