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Metabo 18V Circular Saw, Next Evolution in Saws?

As features get added to our tools we see an evolution across the board, one tool adds a better shank or recip saw goes to a tool-free blade changes and magically the rest follow. Circular saws are prime for a pretty substantial overhaul across the board, first off with more powerful brushless motors and higher capacity batteries, corded circ saws are going to be less and less common until one day it’ll seem as out of place as a corded drill on a jobsite. Circular saws are designed for portability, nothing fights that more than a cord so it seems pretty natural they’ll go away.

Where standard circular saw suffer the most is accuracy, these are traditionally rough cut tools, ripping stacked plywood or framing a house but not a go to for precision work. The Metabo KS 18V LXT 57 Circ Saw ($199, bare) is the first example of the next evolutionary leap in cordless circular saws to integrate track ready design, with the Bosch “Strong Arm” Circ Saw (see full MegaWattCrew Launch) later 2019 as well as Makita’s new XSH08 both with a similar design and we are sure others will follow very soon. (more…)

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Dewalt 6.5” Track Saw DWS520K – Review


Most of the time the first thing that pops into anyone’s head when they hear track saw is ripping down 4×8 sheets of plywood. The DWS520K ($449, Amazon) is ideal for just such a job when compared to a table saw. For stock this large there really is no comparison in accuracy, consistency, safety, not to mention it only takes 1 person to do it right. Where the track saw may get over looked for those not as familiar is the high level precision this tool adds to the convenience factor.


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