Circ Saws, Fancy Hammers, NPS19 and we Ramp up for NPS 19. All Of That and So Much More! – Coptool Week In Reivew – 5/31/19 EP 210

This is what happened this week in the world of power tools…while Sarah was out sick.  VCG comes to OPT and John man handles a big ol slab. Eric has a fancy hammer and Kyle holds all the power in the palm of his hand. Those stories & more, coming up next! This is your CopTool Week In Review!

Ridgid Circular Saw – Tool Review Zone

Clint welcomes us back into the tool review zone, where he features the new Rigid Octane 7 and a quarter in circular saw. There’s no dancing, yetis or slow mos, but we still get an in depth look at this clearly capable entry from Ridgid. If you’ve got problems only a circ can fix, this might be the best bet. You can find out at Tool Review Zone on Youtube.


Southwire Simpull Tape at Ohio Power Tool – VCG Construction

Vince brought the VCG Crew to the Ohio Power Tool expo last week. He was trying out a simpull tape from Southwire, when the rep shared a hack that Vince thinks 99.9% of us won’t know.  To see if you understand, head over to VCG Construction on youtube.  


DeWalt M-Class Vac – Oz Tool Talk (Unbanned!)

Our buddies at Oz Tool Talk show off a DeWalt Rotary Hammer and more specifically an M-Class DeWalt vac designed to keep that silica dust under control. It takes Dwain a few minutes to realize he needed to hook up the hose. I told you they should be banned from the show. If you don’t know how to hook up a vac, don’t bother watching Oz Tool Talk on youtube.



Bostitch Palm Nailer – RR Buildings

Our last stop on the YouTube takes us back to RR Buildings for another dose of Toolsday, where Kyle shows off his Bostitch palm nailer. The tiny wonder makes quick work of some seriously long nails, even a 60 penny ring shank nail sinks quickly through 6 inches of material. If you’re having trouble nailing things in small spaces, head over to RR Buildings on YouTube.


Thanks to Rob Robillard for the helpful tips for Actual Work!

Be sure to check out Rob at and on his YouTube channel here!



Project Of The Week – Four Eyes and Fix This Build That

Sarah was out sick this week , so I’m not going to tell you about the Modern outdoor chair she picked out from Fix This Build That (But the link is below!) No, it’s MY project of the week, which means we’re going to find something awesomely nerdy. And I can always count on copious amount of chic geek from Four Eyes Furniture. Chris found himself staring at his own TV, deeply dissatisfied with its glaring lack of awesome, and decides to build a pair of cabinets that make the whole setup look like a giant Nintendo switch. This is something Sarah would NEVER get. I’m starting to think I don’t ever need her!  You can find inspiration to improve your own boring TV at Chris Salomone on YouTube.

You can also find Sarah’s Pick from Fix This Build That on Youtube!

Construction Junk – The Construction Junkie, Shane Hedmond

OSHA recently announced that they are considering updating their Lockout Tagout standard and are asking for comments from anyone interested. The agency is specifically looking for information regarding the use of control-type circuit devices that isolate energy in maintenance applications, as well as the risks involved with workers interacting with robots on the job. If a change ends up being made to the standard, it will be the first time it has been updated since it was published in 1989.


Construction Junkie’s Annual Best Construction Podcast competition kicked off last week and the voting booth is officially open. This year, there were 7 nominations, including The ConTechCrew, and the Lien Zone Podcast. Each week, I’ll be publishing an in-depth look at each of the contest’s nominees starting with our defending champion, CONEXPO-CON/AGG Radio. To vote for your favorite podcast or to find more stories about the construction industry, visit


Here are some of our favorite posts of the week from Instagram!

Man Handling a Big Ole Slab – John The Builder Malecki

First up John Malecki Man handling a big ole slab. Ok Sarah picked that out. I mean John is awesome, but apparently Sarah had lunch with him at the last NPS or something. Whatever. This still looks like it’s going to be a fun project! 

Unholy Union of Power Tool Efficiency – Just Build It

 Just Built it found himself on the jobsite with a sweet Makita laser, but lacking a Makita battery. Fortunately the laser features a USB cable for alternate power, so you can hook it up to a Milwaukee battery like he did, and create an unholy union of power tool efficiency. 

Following the Martinez Trend – Mechanical Hub

Eric from MEchanical Hub, normally a trend setter, finally caved to peer pressure and got himself that beautiful Martinez Hammer. Super nice! 

Silica Dust is NO joke! – Toolaholic

And finally the Toolaholic reminds us that silica dust is something we should all take seriously, even when chipping. Keefer shows off the DeWalt $60 accordion vac attachment that helps keep the dust out of your lungs. 

View this post on Instagram

All too often Ill see guys chipping tile or scaling concrete with an SDS Plus rotary hammer, and there is dust flying everywhere. – @dewalt_ca has a low cost solution now that is available for most corded/cordless Dewalt rotary hammers. – The DWH200d is a $60 attachment that can be used for drilling and chipping, with corded or cordless vacs that feature an airlock connection. Its OSHA table 1 compliant when used with an extractor. – On this job, I used it to chisel off some delaminating sections of parging on a block foundation wall. We will be recoating these sections and blending them into the existing solid areas. – The full version of this video will include shots with and without dust collection, so you can see how drastic the difference is. – #dewalt #dustcollection #chippinghammer #osha #concrete #chisel #rotaryhammer #foundation #performandprotect #dewalt20v

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